Monday, May 9, 2011

We did it

I went and did it.  So did Jen.  And amazingly others are going to do it as well.

We signed up for the Warrior Dash.  It bills itself as a "mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from Hell".  So naturally I was attracted to it.  A 3.02 mile run through the mud with obstacles such as a fire pit, walls, mud slides, barbed wire, and some sort of scrap yard.  Sounds fun right?

But how exactly does one train for such an event?  Well, they recommend the following regiment:

  1. Day one: run as far as you can. Go home.
  2. Day two: do the same thing.
  3. Find the dirtiest pond in your neighborhood and snorkel in it - in your slippers, without goggles.
  4. Practice your climbing and crawling skills at your local jungle gym. Ignore the small children and parental glares.
  5. Do not shower or shave for weeks in order to obtain a true Warrior look.
particularly like number 4 and plan on doing it at every convenience.

Ultimately I was attracted to the event because it just seems completely over the top.  With all of the training I am putting into the relay right now it will be nice just to do something that is totally silly and I can ignore any compulsion to try and get a great time or PR.  After all, what exactly would a good time be in this case?  This will be one of those rare events that I can look forward to getting out there, running hard, working my ass off, have a ton of fun, and get totally filthy.  Kind of reminds me of being a kid again.

Oh, and they have beer at the end too!

And helmets!

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