Sunday, June 12, 2011


That's what the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad has been doing. Around the major exchange at the end of the third leg we began to hear rumors that we were the first team. Not the first Ultra team, the first team overall. Now it was still a bit early,  there's no prizes for being the leader halfway, but this was a great place to be.

We were the ones that everyone was whispering. That Ultra team that was passing everyone. We had no decoration on the van and no identifying markers so we cruises on incognito. 

My last transition there was literally no one.  I took off without a team in sight.  We passed the final Ultra team at exchange 25. They had started 4 hours before us.

We have dominated so hard that the race director has ordered a one hour hold something that we don't arrive at the finish before the park opens.

Yeah, we're that good.

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