Saturday, June 11, 2011

Race time

<p>The day of the New England Relay is upon me and as the rain falls down on the windscreen our van as we head to the start all I can think of is,&nbsp; this can is going to reek by tomorrow. Six guys,&nbsp; running, rain, and one can. Yipes. </p>
<p>So much I ready?&nbsp; I guess I'll find out soon. My training has been much better than ever.&nbsp; I've hit every key workout and my recent performance at the Corporate Challenge leads me to believ that I am. But then again,&nbsp; it's 40 miles over 24 hours. The fatigue will be a huge factor. </p>
<p>There is only one thing I am disappointed in myself with: I never did reach my goal weight. I got close,&nbsp; within one pound, but close isn't good enough. A 3:11 isn't a 3:10. One gets you into Boston the other gets you does calves. Something to work on. </p>
<p>Finally, the only thing that has me worried is my heel. It has been an issue since April and while it had leveled off into a predictable injury it still has the potential to be a huge problem. Time and miles will tell.</p>
<p>Off to the start now,  more later. </p>

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