Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two more

Four and five are in the books. And man, leg four was a bitch. Zac handed off to me after a brutal 8 miles straight up hill. My legs looked to be all downhill but I quickly found out that it wasn't. The severe, arm flailing downhills were matched by equally fun uphills. Wisely the race director decided to put a hill so steep right at mile 8.7 that I could almost touch the pavement as I ran. That sucked.

One time warp of a nap later and apparently it was time to get ready again. Let 5 was a gentle 8.1 which took me through Manchester.  The bad part. And once again there was a half mile hill to climb at the end where I found Jake frantically running out of the porta-let to start his leg. Good times. 

One more state to go.

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