Saturday, June 11, 2011

Three down

Three to go.

Quick note: after one leg Zac came into the transition area saying that there was a bear in the road. I kid you not.

First of the long runs for me. 8.1 miles which kept going and going,  probably because it was actually 8.8 miles.  My bad. I pushed it hard,  maybe too hard. Finished off at 60 minutes 15 seconds for a 6:49 pace. Yipes. Let's see what that does to me later.

Hoping to catch some sleep soon beforemy longest run of the race, 9.6 miles. Long,  but it's all downhill.  Should be fine as long as my stomach holds out.  Starting to get duvet in there. 

Think of us tonight as you hoist another brew.

1 comment:

  1. Catie just asked where you were and expressed concern that you were running in the rain. Hang in there boys, just a few more legs left and then you can put this one in the books. The beers and champagne are chilling for you for when you return. I'll be thinking of you all night.