Monday, June 29, 2009

Oh, hello knees

A fun twelve miles on Saturday all by myself. Got to catch up on some talk radio podcasts during the run and the weather was quite nice, for a change. Other than the first mile during which I swear I could not get my legs to move any faster than a sloth in molasses it was all good. Right on pace, no issues at all, and a nice day to be out and about.

Unfortunately my knees have been a little achy since then. Interesting. They normally don't do that unless I have been inactive for a long time. After today's four miler they continue with their low-level nagging. We shall be keeping an eye on that situation.

Scaffolding, speakers, and all the other good stuff has started springing up all around the Hatch Shell in anticipation of the big Fourth of July holiday. It's that exciting time of year again. Let loose the cannons!

Today marks day one of my 16 week training plan and I already think I am being a bit ambitious. It's never a great idea to start a new plan with creaking knees knowing that not only will I be increasing my mileage but I will also be adding extra days to the schedule. But we train to get stronger so more training will result in fewer aches right? I didn't think so.

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