Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blue Hills

Finally got over to Blue Hills to do some big hill repeats. Actually, it is only about .15 miles more than my normal hill but significantly steeper at parts. The weather was great so I was looking forward to it. Apparently a bunch of other runners had the same idea and I was surprised by them passing me on their way down as I was heading up.
What a hill that is. No part of running up it is much fun. The view from the top was pretty nice but other than that it was just a long climb up. But I guess I can't really complain too much; at one point there was a woman pushing a double stroller up the hill with two kids in it. Yipes.

I had planned on going up 4 times but my shins had really been bothering me so I decided to call it after three. Oh well, better than nothing. Now that I have done a real workout I am really not looking forward to Mt Washington. That is going to hurt.

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  1. Good job on those hills. 3 hill repeats it's pretty good. But I hate to say this nothing will get us train for Mt. Washington. Mt. Washington is a mean beast. I will do alot of walking or maybe alot of crawling.