Monday, June 8, 2009

Doggin' it

Saturday long run day with the club. It has been nice not having a set schedule to adhere to so I get to be flexible and run what I feel like that day. I figured I would do ten or more, whatever felt good. Met up at 6am and off we went. Smaller than usual group because of some races and stuff so I ended up with Trace for the run. A few times I had to reel her back in as our pace inched closer toward the 7 minute pace but overall it was a really good 6 miles.
At 7 the new shift showed up for the next part of my run. Because of schedules and the route we began to make our way back to Vellos just shy off the 11 mile mark for me. The closer we got the more resolved I was to just call it and head home for an early morning. I felt bad, almost guilty that I was doggin it and cutting the run short.
That's when it hit me, when did running 11 miles become a short run in my head? There have been many milestones over the past couple of years, PRs, marathons, etc and I think this qualifies as one. This is the first time that I have felt like I was slacking because I "only" did 11 miles. Not sure when that kind of mileage became ordinary to me but I kinda like it.

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