Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Challenge; Corporate

Tonight is the Corporate Challenge. 1.4 miles of fighting my way through joggers and 2.1 miles of running. Fun stuff. Another humid day for it so we shall see how it goes.

A solid week of training so far. I have changed over my schedule to Mon - Thurs and Saturdays so it will be interesting to see how the various aching parts of my legs hold up. The four month schedule has been pulled together and mostly finalized and it calls for a good amount of mileage increase in the next few weeks. I will try not to destroy any other parts of my body this time.

The biggest question I have now is when to find the time for all the running. Some days I can stretch out a bit of extra distance but once it gets up to 8-10 miles there is no way I can do that during work hours. I think I may have to split them into two runs a day, one in the (way too) early morning and another at lunch. That would leave a few evenings to get in a workout. Wow, sounds fun. Potentially three workouts a day. Aack.

16 weeks, three days to Bay State.

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