Friday, June 5, 2009

Just another week

Tuesday I decided to do some hills, there is a pretty good sized one near my house that I figured I would do some repeats on. It's only about a mile away so I figured I would run over, do some repeats, and head home. Easy enough, or so I thought.

After hitting the first mile and not even being half-way to the hill I realized I had grossly underestimated how far away it was. Finally at around 2.5miles I arrived and began my workout. Suddenly the hill flattened out after about a hundred yards. Wrong street, it was the next one. Grr. So off I went to the next street. Just over three miles and finally I can begin.

Up the hill I went, about three-quarters of a mile long. Excellent. Back down and do it again. I had planned on doing that a couple more times but looking at the distance I had covered already that would end up being about a twelve mile run, a bit too long for this workout. So I cut my losses and headed home finishing up doing almost 9 miles. Brilliant planning on my part. Next time I'll drive to the hill.

It looks like I am going to be seeded at 5:50 for the GNRC Handicapped Mile. Apparently I was the subject of much discussion whether I should be 6:00 or 5:50 due to my recent race results. I don't care much where they put me. I'm just gonna race as well as I can and find out what I can actually do. My best mile time ever recorded was a 5:46 during a 5K but that really isn't a good measure since it was all downhill with a net elevation change of -108 feet. It should be interesting to see how I do. I went out Thursday and did a little speed work. A couple half-miles ended up being around 5:58 and then a couple quarter-miles somewhere around a 5:40 pace. Good, but can I keep that up for a mile? We shall see.

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