Saturday, June 20, 2009

Reasons why you shouldn't run up a mountain

Let me count the ways:
1)It's a freakin' MOUNTAIN!
2)See number 1
3)See number 2
That about covers it.

Total time to the top: 1:49:37
Total miles run: 7.6
Total elevation climbed: 4650 feet
Average grade on the course: 11.5%
Total time spent walking: plenty

Looking back I realize I went out too fast, even though I thought I was taking it easy. By mile 1.5 I stopped to walk for the first time. From then on it was run-walk-run the whole way up. By mile 5 I had finally learned how to shuffle my way up instead of a normal hill stride. That's the key.

The weather held perfectly. We were stuck between two rotating fronts with heavy rain. From the start to about 5000 feet there was a cloud cover with a slight mist. That helped cool us down from the mugginess. Once we neared the summit we emerged above the clouds to the warm sunlight.

Everyone ran great and there was only about a 3 minute range for all our finishing times. Incredible.

So will I do it again? I have no clue. It was the hardest race I have ever run. There just was no end to the hill and no chance to rest. In a word; it was brutal.

But I think I could do better next time...

Pictures from the race


  1. Nice running with you Jeff. This mountain is brutal. Why would anyone wanted to run it? (because we are crazy) that's why. It was a bummer that the cloud did not give us a good view of all the surronding mountains. Our club rocks!! We did awesome. Maria

  2. Awesome pic's Jeff. Next time just remember, slow and steady wins the race.