Friday, June 26, 2009

Relax, enjoy

Ah. Day off today. Let those legs rest up for tomorrow's long run. Hmm; think I'll go for a walk at lunch.

The Corporate Challenge 2009. 3.5 miles. As I said earlier, I got to the front for the start this time instead of being stuck behind gangs of walkers (move to the back!). The start went off great with only a little bumping and jostling for the first 100 yards and then it was easy to settle into a rhythm. I pretty much hit my stride right on target. The first mile came in around 6:20, the second around 6:25 and the third around 6:35 (I know, slacked off a bit there) for an average of 6:26. Slightly faster than planned but just about where I wanted to be for a finish of 22:36. A new PR.

And the best part is that I was the first from our company to finish so I got to plunder the snacks for the best stuff before anyone else showed up! Good to be a front-of-the-packer.


  1. Awesome splits. Great job. Who are you running long with? There is a bunch of us (gnrc), going away this weekend!! Happy Friday.

  2. Hi Jeff, you are running so well.. nice going.